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Our CBD comes from Oregon, the premier location for growing cannabis. Through ten years of research and development, the quality and cannabinoid content of our CBD separates it from other similar products on the market.






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Ultra Nano is infused with our unique Nano Broad Spectrum oil-based concentrate that was developed by our scientists. It makes absorption quick and easy. The CBD regulates your mood, energy and alleviates discomfort. Our special evening formulation helps calm your mind and helps you get a good night's rest.


Nature Power CBG Tincture is a proprietary blend of high-concentration CBG and broad spectrum hemp extract featuring a delightful Rosemary Peppermint flavor. This unique formula balances various internal body system and quickly boost your energy.

Reinvent a healthier you with the HealthYou Capsule Series! Through our broad spectrum technology, you can balance your endocannabinoid system. Each product has a unique usage, helping you to get a good night’s rest, giving you enough energy for your day.Gummy Series, these great-tasting gummies offer a quick and easy way to enjoy CBD. Each delicious bear is infused with Broad Spectrum CBD to support mental and physical vitality. Our hemp extract supports your endocannabinoid system to help balance your body and improve your overall wellness.

Leg Stretching Yoga Pose

Tinctures / Capsules / Shots / Gummies

Get Rid of Suboptimal Health Status (SHS)




Our seven formulas are designed to help improve your sleep by relieving aches and bringing comfort to the brain and body. Our regular size and travel size oils can meet all of your needs in any scenario.The selected seeds of products of this line are those which have been taken to space by astronauts. Our first-class crude oil is from Xinjiang, one of the top three lavender producing regions in the world. In addition, CBD full spectrum oil is processed and 

extracted from our own organic farm in Oregon.


High-concentration CBD oil, like any other essential oil, is an extract from natural plants. Traditional aromatherapy, through the absorption of olfactory organs and skin, reaches the nervous system and blood circulation. This has the effect of helping to bring physical and mental relief and improve health and skin care.

Lavender / Sleep / Relax  / Stress / Headache  / Skin / Balance

 Full Body Deep Relaxing


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CBD + White Tea Double Age Delaying - Research has established that CBD is a key anti-aging component and antioxidant similar to retinol. Tea polyphenol is known as the "radiation killer" and considered the best free radical eliminating substance by health and medical community. Its anti-aging effects are up to be ten times that of vitamin E. Moreover, white tea contains three times more tea olyphenols than green tea. Furthermore, flavonoids is a natural antioxidant, which can effectively neutralize the active free radicals produced by ultraviolet and environmental pollution. The content of flavonoids in white tea is as high as 2.025%, which is 15-21 times higher than that of other teas; the highest among all kinds of teas. With the combination of CBD and white tea, the anti-oxidation and anti-aging ability of this cosmetic has been doubled.

Magic Acne Free CBD - has numerous functions, including elevating oily skin, acne, uncomfortable sensitivity and redness. CBD is effective in promoting healthy and beautiful skin. This series has added CBD full spectrum oil. This has been studied by Italian scientists who found the anti-inflammatory ability of full-spectrum CBD oil exceeded that of pure CBD in the field of phototherapy.

One Week Rejuvination Mask Set - Our mask set contains a variety of natural plant extracts besides CBD and white tea extracts. CBD and white tea extracts, combined with a range of plant extracts are deep cleaning, super hydrating, whitening, moistening and youth activating. They allow skin to return to its perfect texture within a week.

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White Tea Double Age Delaying
Magic Acne Free


Image by Scott Webb


Our original formula is selected from the Yunnan Baiyao Group, an oriental herbal brand founded in 1902 and with over 100 years of history. Its pain relieving series and oral care series have consistently been the brand’s most valuable products. Yunnan Baiyao has studied the successes of CBD in their body case series for over 3 years and are now sharing their research results with LIIF for the first time for launch to the world. 


Body Cream Hemp CBD with Panax notoginseng extract and kava extract can alleviate uncomfortableness of varying degrees of severity. Kava, originating in Tahiti, Bolivia, has an obvious analgesic effect whilst Panax notoginseng extract contains Panax notoginseng saponin and ginsenoside. Both, in combination with CBD, have been shown to have profound abilities to relieve skin and soothe discomfort and aches.

Shampoo and Conditioner CBD oil are especially effective if your scalp is dry. It also helps control dandruff and make hair fuller whilst providing rich vitamins, omega-3 and other ingredients, which means you do not have to struggle against pollutants such as extreme weather, dust, smoke and can prevent hair from drying or fracture.

Oral Care Gingivitis and periodontitis are two common oral problems faced by people across the world. CBD has strong antibiotic and anti-inflammatory effects. This toothpaste is the latest generation of an international advanced formula specially developed by the ALC Medical Research Institute for gingival atrophy and oral care. It contains bioactive substances, CBD and algae powder. These can stimulate the growth of gingival fiber cells. The mouthwash from Yunnan Baiyao is infused with CBD which can effectively reduce inflammation and bacteria, improve the oral environment and freshen your breath.

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Body Care / Hair Care / Lip Care


Body Care

Hair Care and Lip Care

Underwear on Bed


The Sexual Euphoria Series is inspired by the power of natural plants. Brimming of organic herb essence and broad spectrum hemp extract, this series is fast-absorbing and safe without side effects. Enjoy an extra boost in the bedroom while promote hygiene and wellness.

The Sexual Euphoria Series features a selection of natural herbs to help men and women lead a healthy and longer sex life.

Euphoria Male Spray / Euphoria Female Spray
Lubricant / Male Shot


Image by Alvan Nee


Soothing spray, a topical remedy designed to alleviate discomfort, moisturize dry skin and prevent other unhealthy conditions in pets. Broad Spectrum CBD promotes pain relief and soothes the body. Its formula is perfect for minor skin discomfort and dryness due to allergies or severe climates. 


Hot Spot Cream, if your pet is scratching and biting at a wound it will never heal. Break this painful cycle in its tracks with this soothing PCR (phytocannabinoid rich) infused cream. It gently relieves discomfort with the power of Broad Spectrum CBD, a nonpsychoactive plant extract. Our cream features Bitrex®, a safe but bitter-tasting additive to prevent your dog from licking the area, so he/she can heal faster. The tincture, a potent natural remedy for all things that plague pets. ThisPCR (phytocannabinoid rich) infused Hemp oil naturally balances your pet's body and emotions. It can be easily mixed with food or given directly to your pet.

Soothing Spray / Pets Hot Spot Cream / Pet Tincture



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