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SpaceOne! Fantastic Hemp Extracted Massage Essential Oil!

Updated: Feb 23, 2020


Inspired by traditional aromatherapy, Space One blends with organic herb essence extract and broad spectrum hemp extract which allows the body to eliminate aging and damaged cells. Cannabinoid receptor signaling can slow down the production of highly abnormal skin cells, relieve the skin's sensory nerves. Through the absorption by olfactory organs and skin, the aroma finally reaches the central nervous system, our special natural essential oil formula can help relieve discomfort and aches and producing  a deep state of relaxation to the body and mind.


The selected seeds of products of this line are those which have been to space with astronauts. Our crude essential oil comes from one of the world’s largest lavender production base, Xinjiang, and is extracted from seeds that were taken to the space by astronauts. Our CBD oil comes from Oregon, the most premium location for growing hemp, and was processed by our own organic farm.


Our 7 formulas are designed to target 7 sub-health concerns: Sleep deprivation, pinched nerves, headaches, sore muscles, menstrual cramps, dull and itching skin conditions. Including regular size and travel size .


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