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American and European Hemp Investment Forum

Updated: Dec 21, 2019

The Liif Group, Noble Seven International Consultation Company, the American Hemp Trade Association, the American Cannabis Awards Committee, the American GPS Strategy Consultants and Jiangsu Hongtu High Technology Co., Ltd (600122) jointly held the “European and American Hemp Investment Forum” at the Legendale Hotel Beijing on November 22nd 2019. The theme of this year's event was “Innovation, sharing and fusion”. A discussion on European and North American hemp policies and regulations, the newest plants and technology, as well as China and American hemp industry investment market analytics and comparisons with hopes of making a bridge between the American, European and Chinese industry, and setting up a mutually beneficial communication platform.

Wei He, The LIIF Group's founding partner and chairman first detailed the corporate structure in China and the United States. This includes an investment in 12 and 15 tons of hemp extracted and processed on the east and west coast of America. He Wei also introduced the approximate seventy retail products that will be launched in the US market in the near future (CBD tinctures, capsules, essential oils, beauty products, body care, pet food, etc.) with the Noble Seven Consulting Firm, who will play a major role in the investment and consultation of the hemp industry overseas and also the promotion of the product.

Wei He thanked all of the American industry giants who came from far away to take part in the event. The attendees include: Chloe Villano, the Hemp Business Awards and Clover Leaf founder; Brett Scott, the executive director of the Industrial Hemp Trade Association; Yao Yi, the former FDA medical examiner and winner of the FDA Lifetime Achievement Award; David Nagel, the founding partner of Feldman Nagel Cantafio PLLC, the largest law firm that specializes in the hemp industry; John Kinzer, the CEO of Visionary Technology; Brian Smalley, the LIIF Group CEO and cultivation technology and refining expert. The key speakers from China were Wu Li, Hemp Expert and deputy director of Tianfeng Securities Research Institute; Deng Wei, the senior consultant from Shangqi International Consulting; Daisy Chan, the co-fonder of The Liif Group served as host for the evening.

Chloe Villano began her speech by introducing hemp industry statistics and the enormous potential for market growth. She explained how from this year on the market has the potential to grow from 4.6 billion to 26.6 billion dollars by 2025.She also gave American farmland data, stating that the US currently has nearly 100,000 acres of farmland dedicated to the growing of hemp that grow approximately 3546 species. She also touched upon the increase in the issuance of growing licenses across the USA. She expounded upon how over 40 universities have invested in hemp related research and her founding the “Cannabis Business Awards” five years ago and its effects on the progression of the American hemp industry. How it raised the quality of American hemp technology, training and competition in the industry.

Founder of Cannabis Business Award (USA), Clover Leaf and Cannabis University

Mrs. Chloe Villano

Yao Yi went over the FDA's hemp related drug products, application procedure and standard label terms for health products. Professor Yao Yi made clear hemp's broad medical usage value, while simultaneously introducing the current state of hemp research and development institutions. He also went through hemp’s medical usages in the United States in the treatment of AIDS, Sequelae of stroke, multiple sclerosis, vomiting and nausea after chemotherapy among others. Professor Yao also stressed that after determining the correct drug indication to apply for approval, the key to getting approved by the FDA is to demonstrate the safeness and effectiveness of the drugs through clinical studies. David Nagel is a partner at the US's largest law firm that specializes in the legal risks related to labels and packaging content of drugs and health products that are untested and not yet approved by the FDA , especially the hemp industry. He emphasized that it is imperative that hemp growers and processors attain reports stating that the THC level is less than .3% in raw hemp and processed hemp intermediates before inter-continental shipping. He believes that this is the best way to avoid potential legal risks of interstate transport transactions and tax bureaus. David also emphasized the importance of purchasing crop insurance and hemp product liability insurance for foreign investors and local businesses.

Founder of Feldmann Nagel Cantafio PLLC Law Firm

Mr. David Nagel

Brett Scott is the president of the American Industrial Hemp Trade Association. He had worked in the US Department of Justice and Congress for more than 20 years and has contributed to the federal legalization of hemp and the drafting and promotion of Hemp legislation in more than ten states. Through videos Brett described that the two houses of the American congress, the Department of Agriculture and the FDA as the key lobbying focal points. He explained that they will work with the above departments to expedite the drafting and introduction of rules for the hemp industry, including giving state governments more authority in detecting the THC content of raw hemp and intermediates, how to dispose of products that exceed the accepted standards and lobby the FDA to relax oversight of hemp in food and cosmetics. Brett strongly emphasized that industry organizations will take measures to protect the interests of domestic enterprises and consumers. These measures do not exclude import restrictions on hemp products from South America and Asia within the next five years. Brian Smalley, Co-CEO of The Liif Group, introduced the process rooted in the analysis of climate, soil and other factors, and using the science of genetics and genetic editing to cultivate low THC and high CBD hemp, different fragrance types, insect resistant hemp and mold-resistant seeds and product. John Kinzer introduced the process of using high technology to extract refined hemp oil and technology’s role in the driving of industry competition.

CEO of LIIF group、expert in cannabis and hemp genetics, breeding and extraction

Mr. Brian Smalley

Li Wu, the deputy director of the Tianfeng Securities Research Institute gave his analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of domestic and foreign hemp companies from the perspective of the secondary market. He believes that Chinese companies that have exported product overseas and have deployed product throughout the entire industry chain, and also domestic enterprises that gradually increase high value-added on the application side deserve special attention. Mr. Deng Wei, a senior consultant of the Noble Seven International Consulting Company, a subsidiary of The Liif Group, compared the advantages and disadvantages of Chinese and foreign hemp companies from the perspective of primary market investment. He believes that the best investment window for American hemp companies is approximately six months. Once the US companies have sufficient funding needed for expansion, the industry's high profit margin and high market growth will be sufficient to meet the amount needed for companies to be self sustaining and the growing of their market share. Simultaneously if Chinese investors want to enter the market after this point they can only invest at a high premium and miss the opportunity of high returns on investment. Deng Wei also introduced the four most cost effective and profitable investments within the European and American hemp industries. He also introduced cash dividend types based on the nature of different investors and three different investment methods including cash dividends, mergers and acquisitions and financial investment.

During the forum they announced the major news that the Asian Industrial Hemp Trade Association was officially founded, GPS Strategy Consultants and The Liif Group together are guiding the global hemp industry, and that the Industrial Hemp Awards and the Clover Leaf University have registered in Asia.

The first major news is that the industrial hemp trade association in conjunction with The LIIF Group officially established the Asian Industrial Hemp Trade Association in November of 2019. This association was established to provide Asian and Chinese hemp industries with more industrial development information, cutting edge technology updates, industry education, instruction on the laws of each Asian country, industry rules and also offer investment opportunities for members. The Asian Industrial Hemp Trade Association is planning to hold an event during the first half of 2020 with hopes to assist these Chinese and Asian counterparts to expand their business in North America and overseas, and provide consultation and help in government relations and other areas.

The second major news was that the GPS Strategy Consultants, the company with the greatest legal authority, governmental investment, government assets and deepest industry knowledge have formed a partnership with The Liif Group officially on November 11th 2019. The two parties will send shareholders to form a joint board of directors and management committee, and will exclusively authorize The Liif Group to handle all consulting business related to Asia. This cooperation aims to provide Asian hemp companies with information on the development of the global hemp industry, industry regulations issued by regional governments, investment opportunities in the hemp industry on all continents (including the investment and M & A targets released by The Liif Group). It seeks to help Asian companies prevent potential commercial operation, legal, and cultural risks of overseas investments and provide efficient project and funding confirmation services.

The third major news was hosted by the American Annual Cannabis Awards committee, Clover Leaf inc. and the Liif Group. The American and European Hemp Investment Forum hosts made an announcement that the two groups together will promote the Annual Asian Cannabis Business Awards and plan to hold the first ever Cannabis Business Awards ceremony during June of next year in Japan. The Liif Group was also invited to present an award at the 2019 Las Vegas Annual Cannabis Awards ceremony in December. The presence of The Liif Group at this annual event will certainly bring excitement to Asia.

The Liif Group stated that they were not only honored to invite Ms. Chloe Villano to participate in the forum, but also announced the establishment of a comprehensive business relationship with Clover Leaf in North America and Asia and the establishment of the Asian Branch of The Clover Leaf University. In addition, Clover Leaf will establish a comprehensive relationship with Noble Seven Consulting, a subsidiary of The Liif Group in the fields of business consulting, initial project push and promotion, and financial investment to jointly develop the North American and Asian hemp markets.

The last segment was a table discussion where The Liif Group’s and Noble Seven's founding partner and chairman He Wei gave the floor to all who attended the event. Attendees were invited to ask questions which ranged from the subjects of the American hemp industry and the direction of government regulations and their focus, Chinese and American breeding and extraction technology development, competitive advantages and potential risks, the capital market and its effect on the Chinese and American market investment value and the different areas of focus during the investment process.

The Liif group is comprised of a group of individuals who have a love for life and an acute sense for and understanding of the future of consumer products. The nucleus of The Liif Group's mission is to use hemp, this amazing plant to give humankind and society access to a high quality product that has immense health benefits.Liif Group expressed that their message to consumers is that: “Even though life is short but love is eternal!” The Liif group and its partners are excited about the future and its possible partners in all industries to together establish a friendly inter-continental landscape.

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