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American and European Hemp Investment Forum

Updated: Dec 21, 2019

The Liif Group, Noble Seven International Consultation Company, the American Hemp Trade Association, the American Cannabis Awards Committee, the American GPS Strategy Consultants and Jiangsu Hongtu High Technology Co., Ltd (600122) jointly held the “European and American Hemp Investment Forum” at the Legendale Hotel Beijing on November 22nd 2019. The theme of this year's event was “Innovation, sharing and fusion”. A discussion on European and North American hemp policies and regulations, the newest plants and technology, as well as China and American hemp industry investment market analytics and comparisons with hopes of making a bridge between the American, European and Chinese industry, and setting up a mutually beneficial communication platform.

Wei He, The LIIF Group's founding partner and chairman first detailed the corporate structure in China and the United States. This includes an investment in 12 and 15 tons of hemp extracted and processed on the east and west coast of America. He Wei also introduced the approximate seventy retail products that will be launched in the US market in the near future (CBD tinctures, capsules, essential oils, beauty products, body care, pet food, etc.) with the Noble Seven Consulting Firm, who will play a major role in the investment and consultation of the hemp industry overseas and also the promotion of the product.

Wei He thanked all of the American industry giants who came from far away to take part in the event. The attendees include: Chloe Villano, the Hemp Business Awards and Clover Leaf founder; Brett Scott, the executive director of the Industrial Hemp Trade Association; Yao Yi, the former FDA medical examiner and winner of the FDA Lifetime Achievement Award; David Nagel, the founding partner of Feldman Nagel Cantafio PLLC, the largest law firm that specializes in the hemp industry; John Kinzer, the CEO of Visionary Technology; Brian Smalley, the LIIF Group CEO and cultivation technology and refining expert. The key speakers from China were Wu Li, Hemp Expert and deputy director of Tianfeng Securities Research Institute; Deng Wei, the senior consultant from Shangqi International Consulting; Daisy Chan, the co-fonder of The Liif Group served as host for the evening.

Chloe Villano began her speech by introducing hemp industry statistics and the enormous potential for market growth. She explained how from this year on the market has the potential to grow from 4.6 billion to 26.6 billion dollars by 2025.She also gave American farmland data, stating that the US currently has nearly 100,000 acres of farmland dedicated to the growing of hemp that grow approximately 3546 species. She also touched upon the increase in the issuance of growing licenses across the USA. She expounded upon how over 40 universities have invested in hemp related research and her founding the “Cannabis Business Awards” five years ago and its effects on the progression of the American hemp industry. How it raised the quality of American hemp technology, training and competition in the industry.