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The LIIF Group is a vertically-integrated company, committed to innovation, and devoted to supplying consumers with the highest-quality hemp products at affordable prices thanks to our dedicated research and cutting-edge technologies. 

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the liif group

The brand “LiiF” was created based on the English word Leaf (symbolizing the hemp leaf). “Leaf” represents life of the earth and its environment. A leaf is also the most basic living source for sustaining human beings.


Hemp, being the unique species that it is, takes the basic nutrients from the sun, earth, and water. Then, growing into a plant, it posses various magical elements that are nutritious and beneficial to the human body. Among all the known plants, none possess as many valuable assets as a hemp plant. Meanwhile, hemp is super environmentally friendly. It can be used in so many applications, such as medicine, topicals, clothing, food, even building materials.


The double “i” in our brand symbolizes people. It means that we are wrapped in the leaves of plants and coexist in the same environment. We were born to create harmony with the earth and its ecosystem.“LiiF” also echos the sound of “Lift” which is cohesive with our vision. We hope that a new ecology constructed by LIIF products can lift people's quality of life, to build a friendly ecosystem between people and plants to ultimately support the world that we all love.

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The LIIF Group

"We are creating a global supply chain. Searching and developing the most efficient formulation to create our final products in our eco society."


Lovin’ Life


Care is both the life and the core value of Liif products.

It started from the moment we decided to devote ourselves to this industry. We want every decision LiiF makes, every product we produce to hold “Care” as its essence. LiiF will strive to produce products that will be beneficial to our families, friends, and colleagues. We will diligently develop products that are not only healthy for our bodies but also healthy for our lives.

Our vision has been infused into LiiF's brand design and product development. We are committed to creating quality products for all people who want to improve their lives. Caring for those who are experiencing chronic pain, excessive stress, muscle strain, insomnia, the elderly, and people with poor health conditions are the priority in our products, R&D, and development.



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Sharing is both LiiF's philosophy and its business model.

Every product Liif has created, from farming to extraction, to supply chain, to product R&D, to marketing and sales, is rooted in collaboration. It is a process of sharing. We share knowledge, technology, resources; and we are mutually benefiting one another. Moreover, LiiF hopes to bring a healthier life via its CBD products. We want to share our profound knowledge and expertise in CBD and to make the CBD products available to a wider consumer base.

LiiF is committed to creating first-class products, with accessible pricing, so that the general public can afford to have them. LiiF believes that CBD products should be used by the masses, rather than charging a high price so that only a few people can benefit.

Hemp is a golden plant and superfood grown from nature, it does not require chemical additives, and it can be as effective as pharmaceutical drugs are a huge investment in research and development. We hope to apply this natural product to support many people's lives.

LiiF plans to integrate CBD into many herbal-based products, enabling those mainstream products to be even more useful and effective. Therefore, establishing a larger global ecological supply chain. It is our mission to source the best raw materials and to bring the best products in the market. Today, the world is so connected, with a more open and embracive attitude, it is possible and necessary to utilize the local advantages and resources to optimize the products for consumers.

In the process to create green products. LiiF is committed to complying with the environmental standards, whether it is raw material processing, oil extraction, product packaging, and/or distribution. We refuse to add chemicals and we eliminate waste. We care about our planet.

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Image by Med Badr  Chemmaoui


We believe that to obtain premium natural materials relies on advanced science and technology. There is no limit to the discovery of CBD uses. LiiF will continue to explore this with the help of nature AND technology. This mission will always be important to our team.

We have established laboratory partnerships in North America, Poland, and China to build more and more unique and innovative formulas. We welcome more R&D partners with advanced technologies to work with us. Together, we continue to explore the unknown aspects of CBD.

Finally, the most important aspect is people’s perception. Today, companies involved in the CBD industry are considered pioneers, because CBD has been under-researched and misunderstood for a long time. It is an untapped environmental treasure waiting for us to unveil. LiiF hopes that through our high-quality products and positive communication, we will change the perception of the super-star, CBD, and to let Leaf/Liif to release its true potential, to warm our body and mind. Let us all to embrace the new ecology brought by CBD, and to love the universe that we are living in.

About: About Us
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  • Actively involved in the Cannabis Industry since 2011. Founded Liif Group Inc in 2018, cultivation, extraction, and manufacturing of retail lines in wellness, cosmetics and also pets. 

  • Co-founder of Asia Hemp Business Association and Senior Advisor to US HEMP Trade Association.

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  • Founder of New York City Trave Guide seasonal magazine.

  • Principle of digital branding design and marketing agency.

  • Real estate, blockchain and start ups investor.

  • Over 8 years NYC licensed real estate senior advisor.

  • Experienced commodity trading and hospital supplier.

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  • MBA in Luxury Brand Management from ESSEC Paris.

  • Founder of CDI Corp., with 20-year experience in international supply chain management.

  • Founder of Maginitial Capital, a PE investment fund of $200 million in Medical & Health, Mass consumption and Environmental Protection sectors.

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  • 15 years of driving scalable and sustainable global operations for businesses in North America and Asia. Negotiated and formed 15 years free exclusive licensing contract with Brookstone Licensor.

  • Executive corporate strategy and business development expert, lead companies to successful multi million-dollar acquisitions, expansion, sales growth, and cost reduction.

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  • C-level executive in the internet technology industry and culture, creativity & media industry.

  • Senior executive in YOUKU (NASDAQ Listed Company) and CMC Group Whaley tech.

  • Brand marketing expert with over 10 years of experience for Pepsi cola, Red Bull, HP, SAMSUME, Google and INTEL.

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  • Founder of WinTex, a leading home textile distributor established 40 years ago serving major merchants, drug stores, dollar stores, wholesale clubs, and QVC. 

  • Founder of Club Concepts which produces and distributes products for Sams Club, Costco, Price Club, BJs, Pace, Price Saver, Warehouse Club, etc.

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  • Partnership in Industrial Hemp Business Award (Asia) and cannabis education programs.

  • President Clover Leaf University.

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  • Experienced Senior Executive with a successful track record working across a broad base of industries globally. Skilled in Investor and Government Relations, Executive Recruitment, and Corporate Development. BBA, University of Michigan. 

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  • Partnership in Industrial Hemp Business Award (Asia) and cannabis education programs.

  • President Clover Leaf University.

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  • CEO of Freedom CBD & Freedom Hemp Company.

  • Cannabis industry expert in breeding     & genetics and extraction methods.

  • Founder of several hemp companies.

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Our Team

We love the world that we are living in. Hemp is an untapped environmental treasure waiting for us to unveil. 

The LIIF Team






LIIF'S History

We are the people who created LIIF.

2019 - NOW

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